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Smart, Paul R, Tang, Yuqing, Stone, Paul, Sycara, Katia, Bennati, Stefano and Lebiere, Christian (2014) Socially-Distributed Cognition and Cognitive Architectures: Towards an ACT-R-Based Cognitive Social Simulation Capability. In, Annual Fall Meeting of the International Technology Alliance, Cardiff, UK, 8pp.

Smart, Paul R, Sycara, Katia and Lebiere, Christian (2014) Cognitive Architectures and Virtual Worlds: Integrating ACT-R with the XNA Framework. In, Annual Fall Meeting of the International Technology Alliance, Cardiff, UK, 8pp.

de Leon, Franz and Martinez, Kirk (2014) Music genre classification using polyphonic timbre models. In, 19th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, Hong Kong, HK, 20 - 23 Aug 2014. (Submitted).

Gomer, Richard Charles, Schraefel, M.C. and Gerding, Enrico (2014) Consenting agents: semi-autonomous interactions for ubiquitous consent. In, Workshop @ UbiComp'14: How do you solve a Problem like Consent?, Seattle, US, 13 - 17 Sep 2014. ACM. (doi:10.1145/2638728.2641682).

Sufi, Shoaib, Chue Hong, Neil, Hettrick, Simon, Antonioletti, Mario, Crouch, Stephen, Hay, Alexander, Inupakutika, Devasena, Jackson, Mike, Pawlik, Aleksandra, Peru, Giacomo, Robinson, John, Carr, Les, De Roure, David, Goble, Carole and Parsons, Mark (2014) Software in reproducible research: advice and best practice collected from experiences at the collaborations workshop. In, 1st ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Reproducible Research Methodologies and New Publication Models in Computer Engineering (TRUST'14), Edinburgh, GB, 09 - 11 Jun 2014. Association for Computing Machinery, 1-4. (doi:10.1145/2618137.2618140).

Hare, Jonathon, Newman, David, Peters, Wim, Greenwood, Mark and Eggink, Jana (2014) SemanticNews: Enriching publishing of news stories. , University of Southampton

Vincent-Lamarre, Philippe, Boivin, Jade, Gargouri, Yassine, Larivière, Vincent and Harnad, Stevan (2014) The effect of Open Access mandate strength on deposit rate and latency. At Summer School in Cognitive Sciences 2014: Web Science and the Mind, Montréal, CA, 08 - 18 Jul 2014. UQÀM Institute of Cognitive Sciences.

Vincent-Lamarre, Philippe, Blondin-Massé, Alexandre, Lord, Mélanie, Lopes, Marcos and Harnad, Stevan (2014) Psycholinguistic Correlates of Symbol Grounding in Dictionaries. At Web Science and the Mind Cognitive Sciences Institute, UQÀM, Summer Institute 1pp, 1.

O'Hara, Kieron (2014) The digital citizen: in worship of an echo. IEEE Internet Computing, 18, (4), 79-83. (doi:10.1109/MIC.2014.71).

Phethean, Christopher, Tiropanis, Thanassis and Harris, Lisa (2014) Taking the relationship to the next level: a comparison of how supporters converse with charities on Facebook and Twitter. At 2014 ACM conference on Web science , Bloomington, US, 23 Jun 2014. ACM2pp, 271-272. (doi:10.1145/2615569.2615648).