University of Southampton


Latest Publications

Elliot, Mark, Mackey, Elaine, O'Hara, Kieron and Tudor, Caroline (2016) The Anonymisation Decision-Making Framework, Manchester, GB, UKAN, 171pp.

Millard, David and Hargood, Charlie (2016) Location location location: experiences of authoring an interactive location-based narrative. At 9th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS 2016), Los Angeles, US, 15 - 18 Nov 2016. 4pp.

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Weal, Mark, Monger, Eloise and Gobbi, Mary (2016) Semantic annotation of skills-based sessions. In, Glasper, Alan and Rees, Colin (eds.) Nursing and Healthcare Research at a Glance. Chichester, GB, Wiley, 180-181.

Siow, Eugene, Tiropanis, Thanassis and Hall, Wendy (2016) PIOTRe: Personal Internet of Things Repository. In, International Semantic Web Conference Posters & Demos, Kobe, JP, 17 - 21 Oct 2016. 4pp.

Marreiros, Helia, Gomer, Richard, Vlassopoulos, Michael, Tonin, Mirco and schraefel, mc (2016) Scared or naïve? An exploratory study on users perceptions of online privacy disclosures. IADIS International Journal on WWW/Internet, 13, (2), 1-16.

Rimington, Elzabi and Blount, Tom (2016) Lore v. representation: narrative communication of power with regard to gender in League of Legends. Hypertext 2016 Extended Proceedings, 1628, 1-5.

Treweek, Shaun, Francis, Jill J., Bonetti, Debbie, Eccles, Martin P., Hudson, Jemma, Jones, Claire, Pitts, Nigel B., Ricketts, Ian W., Sullivan, Frank, Weal, Mark and MacLennan, Graeme (2016) A primary care web-based intervention modelling experiment replicated behaviour changes seen in earlier paper-based experiment. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 1-26. (doi:10.1016/j.jclinepi.2016.07.008).

Bu, Qiong, Simperl, Elena, Zerr, Sergej and Li, Yunjia (2016) Using microtasks to crowdsource DBpedia entity classification: A study in workflow design. Semantic Web Journal, 1-16.

Wang, Xin, Tiropanis, Thanassis and Tinati, Ramine (2016) WDFed: exploiting big data on the Web using Metadata and RESTful APIs. In, MTSR2016: 10th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference, Göttingen, DE, 22 - 25 Nov 2016.