University of Southampton


Latest Publications

Adetunji, Christopher and Carr, Leslie (2017) EMSoD — A conceptual social framework that delivers KM values to corporate organizations. International Journal on Advances in Software, 9, (3&4), 1-19.

Tinati, Ramine and Luczak-Roesch, Markus (2017) Wikipedia: a complex social machine. ACM SIGWEB Newsletter, Winter Issue, 1-10.

Tinati, Ramine, Luczak-Roesch, Markus, Simperl, Elena and Hall, Wendy (2017) An investigation of player motivations in Eyewire, a gamified citizen science project. Computer In Human Behaviour, 1-29. (doi:10.1016/j.chb.2016.12.074).

Luczak-Roesch, Markus and Tinati, Ramine (2017) The social in the platform trap: Why a microscopic system focus limits the prospect of social machines. Discover Society, (34), 1-6.

Moreau, Luc (2016) A Canonical Form for PROV Documents and its Application to Equality, Signature, and Validation. Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT), xx, (yy), 20. (

Smart, Paul R (2017) Extended Cognition and the Internet: A Review of Current Issues and Controversies. Philosophy & Technology (doi:10.1007/s13347-016-0250-2).

Smart, Paul R (2017) Situating Machine Intelligence within the Cognitive Ecology of the Internet. Minds and Machines (doi:10.1007/s11023-016-9416-z).

Wilde, Adriana, Leon Urrutia, Manuel and White, Su (2016) Tracking collective learner footprints: aggregate analysis of MOOC learner demographics and activity. In, 9th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI 2016), Seville, ES, 14 Nov 2015 - 16 Nov 2016 . , 1404-1413. (doi:10.21125/iceri.2016.1319).

Rogers, Neil (2016) Mapped core device settings. doi:10.5258/SOTON/404084 [dataset]

Leon Urrutia, Manuel, Fielding, Sarah and White, Su (2016) Professional development through MOOCs in higher education institutions: challenges and opportunities for Phd students working as mentors. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 1-11. (doi:10.5334/jime.427).