University of Southampton


Latest Publications

White, Steven, Leon Urrutia, Manuel and White, Su (2015) MOOCs inside universities: an analysis of MOOC discourse as represented in HE magazines. In, CSEDU 2015 7th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, Lisbon, PT, 23 - 25 May 2015. 8pp.

Leon Urrutia, Manuel, White, Stephen, Dickens, Kate and White, Susan (2015) Mentoring at scale: MOOC mentor interventions towards a connected learning community. In, EMOOCs 2015 European MOOC Stakeholders Summit, Mons, BE, 18 - 20 May 2015. 4pp.

Souza, S. R. S. , Souza, P.S.L., Brito, M. A. S. , Simao, A. S. and Zaluska, E. J. (2015) Empirical evaluation of a new composite approach to the coverage criteria and reachability testing of concurrent programs. [in special issue: Testing, Analysis and Debugging of Concurrent Programs] Software Testing, Verification and Reliability , 25, (3), 310-332. (doi:10.1002/stvr.1568).

Smart, Paul R. and Sycara, Katia (2015) Situating Cognition within the Virtual World. In, 4th International Conference on Applied Digital Human Modeling, Las Vegas, US, 26 - 30 Jul 2015. 8pp.

Smart, Paul R. and Sycara, Katia (2015) Place Recognition and Topological Map Learning in a Virtual Cognitive Robot. In, 17th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Las Vegas, US, 27 - 30 Jul 2015. 7pp.

Ding, Chaohai, Halabi, Nawar, Alzaben, Lama, Li, Yunjia, Draffan, E.A. and Wald, Mike (2015) A web based multi-linguists symbol-to-text AAC application. In, W4A (Web for All) 2015 – TPG Accessibility Challenge, Florence, IT, 18 - 20 May 2015. ACM. (doi:10.1145/2745555.2746674).

O'Riordan, Tim, Millard, David and Schulz, John (2015) Can you tell if they’re learning? Using a pedagogical framework to measure pedagogical activity. In, ICALT 2015: 15th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Hualien, TW, 06 - 09 Jul 2015. 3pp.

Tiropanis, Thanassis, Hall, Wendy, Crowcroft, Jon, Contractor, Noshir and Tassiulas, Leandros (2014) Network Science, Web Science and Internet Science: comparing interdisciplinary areas. Communications of the ACM

Hussein, Jamal, Moreau, Luc and Sassone, Vladimiro (2015) Obscuring provenance confidential information via graph transformation. In, Damsgaard Jensen, C., Marsh, S., Dimitrakos, T. and Murayama, Y. (eds.) Proceedings of Trust Management IX. 9th IFIP WG 11.11 International Conference , Springer, 109-125. (IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, 454). (doi:10.1007/978-3-319-18491-3_8).

Pattanaphanchai, Jarutas, O'Hara, Kieron and Hall, Wendy (2015) TWINE: Supporting assessment of trustworthiness of Web information using linked data. In, 3rd International Conference of Information and Communication Technology (ICoICT2015), Nusa Dua, ID, 27 - 29 May 2015. 6pp.