University of Southampton


Latest Publications

Hare, Jonathon, Samangooei, Sina, Niranjan, Mahesan and Gibbins, Nicholas (2015) Detection of Social Events in Streams of Social Multimedia. International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval (doi:10.1007/s13735-015-0085-0).

White, Steven (2014) Exploring stakeholder perspectives on the development of MOOCs in higher education – a case study of the University of Southampton. University of Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science, Masters Thesis .

Williams, S., Yardley, L. and Wills, G.B. (2013) A qualitative case study of LifeGuide: users' experiences of software for developing Internet-based behaviour change interventions. Health Informatics Journal, 19, (1), 61-75. (doi:10.1177/1460458212458915). (PMID:23486826).

Blount, Tom, Millard, David E. and Weal, Mark J. (2015) On the role of avatars in argumentation. In, Narrative and Hypertext 2015, Guzelyurt, Cyprus, 01 - 04 Sep 2015. ACM3pp. (doi:10.1145/2804565.2804569).

Tarte, Ségolène, Wilcox, Pip, Glaser, Hugh and De Roure, David (2015) Archetypal Narratives in Social Machines: Approaching Sociality through Prosopography. In, WebSci '15, Oxford, GB, 30 Jun - 01 Jul 2015. ACM10pp. (doi:10.1145/2786451.2786471).

Syarif, Iwan (2014) Comprehensive review of classification algorithms for high dimensional datasets. University of Southampon, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Doctoral Thesis , 114pp.

Yao, Jiadi (2014) Understanding institutional collaboration networks: effects of collaboration on research impact and productivity. University of Southampton, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Doctoral Thesis , 200pp.

Draffan, E.A., Kadous, Amatulla, Amal, Idris, Zahid, Aejaz, Zeinoun, Nadine, Wald, Mike and Halabi, Nawar (2015) Synergistic teamwork using social media for innovative development of an Arabic symbol dictionary. In, Innovation Arabia 8: Final Conference Proceedings, Dubai, AE, 16 - 18 Feb 2015. Innovation Arabia , 371-385.

Draffan, E.A., Kadous, Amatullah, Amal, Idris, Zeinoin, Nadine, Wald, Mike and Halabi, Nawar (2014) Arabic/English symbol dictionary: early challenges and technological opportunities. Communication Matters, 28, (3), 26-28.

Smart, Paul R (2016) Emerging Digital Technologies: Implications for Extended Conceptions of Cognition and Knowledge. In, Carter, Adam J, Clark, Andy, Kallestrup, Jesper, Palermos, Orestis Spyridon and Pritchard, Duncan (eds.) Extended Epistemology. Oxford, UK, Oxford University Press. (Submitted).