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Studying the emergent properties of Social Machines
Wednesday 5th July 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Ramine Tinati
Data Science Seminar: The Chemistry of Data
Wednesday 10th May 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Jeremy Frey
Fake News: Fake Causes and Real Solutions
Wednesday 3rd May 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Nick Anstead, London School of Economics and Political Science
Studying the emergent properties of Social Machines - POSTPONED to 5th July
Wednesday 19th April 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Ramine Tinati
Making data useful and usable
Wednesday 29th March 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Adriane Chapman
What is privacy and why can't we agree about it?
Wednesday 22nd March 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Kieron O'Hara
Co-designed platforms for delivering behaviour change
Wednesday 15th March 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Mark Weal
Spatial data integration of mapping progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals
Wednesday 8th March 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Andy Tatem
MammalWeb - Participant guided development of a generalised citizen science web platform
Wednesday 1st March 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Steven Bradley, Durham University
Temporal TF-IDF: A High Performance Approach for Event Summarization in Twitter
Wednesday 22nd February 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Pete Burnap, University of Cardiff
Data Science Seminar: Consider the Source: In Whose Interests, and How, of Big Small and Other Data?
Wednesday 15th February 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Professor mc Schraefel
Location Aware Narratives: Strange Hypertexts, Sculptural Stores, and Digital Poetics
Wednesday 8th February 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr David Millard and Dr Charlie Hargood
Understanding social media in everyday life: Ethnomethodogical and conversation analytic perspectives
Wednesday 1st February 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Stuart Reeves from University of Nottingham
Linked Data in the Digital Humanties: Examples, Projects and Tools
Monday 23rd January 2017 - B85/2209
Speaker: Dr Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller, Australian National University
WAIS Tutorial: Publishing in Top Quality Journals
Wednesday 18th January 2017 - B32/3077
Speaker: Professor Luc Moreau
WEBS2002 Group Projects: What can Flickr photographs tell us about New York City?
Wednesday 11th January 2017 - B32/3077
Data Science Seminar: CANCELLED
Wednesday 14th December 2016 - B32/3077
From researcher to entrepreneur - my experience to commercialise Synote
Wednesday 7th December 2016 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr Yunjia Li
Environmental sensing with the Internet of Things
Wednesday 23rd November 2016 - B32/3077
Speaker: Professor Kirk Martinez
A whole new Zooniverse: guidelines and tools for crowdsourced science
Wednesday 16th November 2016 - B32/3077
Speaker: Professor Elena Simperl
Digital accessibility challenges: the impact of locality, usability and technology
Wednesday 2nd November 2016 - B32/3077
Speaker: Dr E A Draffan and Abi James
Web Knowledge and Web Governance: WAIS PhD Research Reports
Wednesday 26th October 2016 - B32/3077
Speakers: Mark Anderson and Faranak Hardcastle
Mandevillian Intelligence: From Individual Vice to Collective Virtue
Wednesday 19th October 2016 - B32/3077
Speaker: Paul Smart
Social machines dictating social behaviours - When context is missing what is the fallout of uberveillance?
Wednesday 12th October 2016 - B32/4077
Speaker: Dr Katina Michael
Data Science Seminar: The data science revolution in Physics and Astronomy
Wednesday 12th October 2016 - B32/3077
Speaker: Professor Mark Sullivan
Enabling Provenance on the Web: Standardization and Research Questions
Wednesday 5th October 2016 - B32/3077
Speaker: Luc Moreau
The MOOC Dashboard: Visualising MOOC data for everyone
Wednesday 21st September 2016 - B32/3077