University of Southampton


Linked Open Data


Multimedia Processing and Annotation

  • OpenIMAJ     Software for scalable analysis of data, including images, videos, text, webpages, etc.
  • VIPS : Image processing software - good at parallelism and large tasks (used in MediaWiki/Wikipedia.
  • ImageTerrier     Scalable indexing and retrieval of visual information.
  • Synote    Synote makes multimedia resources such as video and audio easier to access, search and manage. Learners, teachers and other users can create notes, bookmarks, tags, links, images and text captions synchronised to any part of a recording, such as a lecture. Imagine how difficult it would be to use a textbook if it had no contents page, index or page numbers. Synote actually provides the way to find or associate notes with a particular part of a recording,i.e. the media fragments.
  • Synote Media Fragment Player    : A media fragment player compitable with Media Fragment URI 1.0

Data Analytics

Natural Language Processing

  • SMS-NLP:  Lightweight (but fast) NLP toolkit for SMS messages and Twitter.
  • SubtitleAnalyser: Unsupervised machine learning applied to text (originally designed for subtitle data, but applicable to any textual data).