The University of Southampton

WAIS Seminar with Dr Paolo Pareti - Event

26th of February, 2021  @  11:00 - 12:00
Virtual Microsoft Teams

Event details

​Title : SHACL: Data Validation for Knowledge Graphs


SHACL is an emerging language to validate data in RDF knowledge graphs, and for some applications it can be seen as an alternative solution to formal ontologies. In this seminar I will summarise its main features and then discuss some of its less-obvious peculiarities and limitations. I will present our efforts to make sense of the semantics of this language, that was designed for the practitioner first, and the theoretician second. Our results shed light both on theoretical properties and on possible future applications.

Speaker information

Paolo Pareti is a research fellow at the University of Southampton, and from March he will be a lecturer at the University of Winchester. He researches topics in the Semantic Web and AI areas, and has worked on processing natural language instructions, on merging sensor data and policies, and more recently on data validation. He obtained his PhD from the University of Edinburgh and before moving to Southampton he has conducted research at the National Institute of Informatics, in Japan, and at Taiger, in Spain.
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