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WAIS Seminar with Tom Blount - Event

23rd of October, 2017  @  14:00 - 15:00
EEE Building (32) - Room 3077
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WAIS Seminar with Tom Blount in B32-R3077


Title: Eristic Argumentation on the Social Web

Argumentation, debate and discussion are key facets of human communication, shaping the way people form, share and promote ideas, hypotheses and solutions to problems. Argumentation can broadly be broken down into collaborative problem solving or truth-seeking, and quarrelling without hope for a resolution, instead for recreation, catharsis or entertainment. The social web is a growing way in which individuals, social groups and even corporations share content, ideas and information, as well as hold discussions and debates. Current models of argumentation often focus on formal argumentation techniques, in which participants are expected to abide by a stringent set of rules or practices. However, on the social web there is no such code of conduct: antisocial behaviour, which often stems from argumentation, can have a negative impact on online communities, driving away new users and stifling participation. How can we model these types of argumentation, and how does it affect a user's perception of the discussion?
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