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Values, social imaginaries and the Internet control - Rafael Melgarejo Heredia
Type: Thesis | 2019 | University of Southampton
Structuring the world’s knowledge: socio-technical processes and data quality in Wikidata - Alessandro Piscopo
Type: Thesis | 2019 | University of Southampton
Designing and evaluating the effectiveness of using digital mobile-based behaviour change interventions (mBCIs) to promote critical thinking skills in the context of research projects - Yousef Asiri
Type: Thesis | 2020 | University of Southampton
Open source research software - Wilhelm Hasselbring, Leslie Carr, Simon Hettrick, Heather Packer and Thanassis Tiropanis
Type: Article | 2019 | Item availability restricted.
High temperatures in the terrestrial mid-latitudes during the early Palaeogene - B.D.A. Naafs, M. Rohrssen, G.N. Inglis, O. Lähteenoja, SJ Feakins, M.E. Collinson, E.M. Kennedy, P.K. Singh, M.P. Singh and D.J. Lunt
Type: Article | 2018
Encouraging gender diversity in computing by supporting women's participation in conferences - Adriana Wilde and Olja Rastic-Dulborough
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2017 | Item not available on this server.
Investigating the use of semantic technologies in spatial mapping applications - Temitope Omitola
Type: Article | 2013 | Item not available on this server.
Geopolitical drivers of personal data: the four horsemen of the datapocalypse - Paul Smart, Ming-Chin Monique Chu, Kieron O'Hara, Leslie Carr and Wendy Hall
Type: Monograph | 2019 | University of Southampton
PETRAS-IoT data management and sharing infrastructure: an evolution of IoT observatory (PEDASI) - Wendy Hall, Adrian Cox, Stephen Crouch, Mark Schueler and James Graham
Type: Monograph | 2019
Enhanced interface for PEDASI-IoT data sources - Mark Schueler, Steven Crouch, Adrian Cox, James Graham and Wendy Hall
Type: Monograph | 2019
The Software Sustainability Institute'S Collaborations Workshop 2015 (Cw15) Attendees Computational Tools Dataset - Shoaib Sufi, Giacomo Peru, Simon Hettrick, Neil Chue Hong, John Robinson, Stephen Crouch and Aleksandra Pawlik
Type: Dataset | 2015 | Zenodo | Item not available on this server.
Uk Research Software Survey 2014 - Simon Hettrick, Mario Antonioletti, Leslie Carr, Neil Chue Hong, Stephen Crouch, David De Roure, Iain Emsley, Carole Goble, Alexander Hay, Devasena Inupakutika, Mike Jackson, Aleksandra Nenadic, Tim Parkinson, Mark I Parsons, Aleksandra Pawlik, Giacomo Peru, Arno Proeme, John Robinson and Shoaib Sufi
Type: Dataset | 2014 | Zenodo | Item not available on this server.
Noise reduction for ballasted track: a comparative socio-economic assessment - John Armstrong, Alejandro Ortega, Simon Blainey, John Preston, David Thompson, Giacomo Squicciarini and Evangelos Ntotsios
Type: Article | 2019
Collaborative practices with structured data: do tools support what users need? - Laura Koesten, Jeni Tennison, Emilia Kacprzak and Elena Simperl
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2019 | ACM
Hybrid human machine workflows for mobility management - Eddy Maddalena, Mattia Zeni, Luis Daniel Ibanez, Donglei Song, Elena Simperl, Richard Gomer and Fausto Giunchiglia
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2019 | ACM | Item not available on this server.
Four internets - Kieron O'hara and Wendy Hall
Type: Article | 2020
Surface melt driven summer diurnal and winter multi-day stick-slip motion and till sedimentology - Jane K. Hart, Kirk Martinez, Philip J. Basford, Alexander I. Clayton, Benjamin A. Robson and David S. Young
Type: Article | 2019
A case study analysis of the success factors in Web-based and offline social innovation competitions - Gareth P Beeston
Type: Thesis | 2018 | University of Southampton
Learning through digitally-augmented physical experiences: Reflections on the ambient wood project. - Yvonne Rogers, Sara Price, Eric Harris, Ted Phelps, Mia Underwood, Danielle Wilde, Henk Muller, Cliff Randell, Danae Stanton, Helen Neale, M. Thompson, Mark Weal and Danius T Michaelides
Type: Monograph | 2002 | Equator Project
Worldwide universities network (WUN) web observatory: applying lessons from the web to transform the research data ecosystem - Simon Price, Wendy Hall, Graeme Earl, Thanassis Tiropanis, Ramine Tinati, Xin Wang, Eleonora Gandolfi, Jane Gatewood, Richard Boateng, David Denemark, Alexander Groflin, Brian Loader, Maxine Schmidt, Marilyn Billings, Gerasimos Spanakis, Hussein Suleman, Kelvin Tsoi, Bridgette Wessels, Jie Xu and Mark Birkin
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2019 | International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee | Item not available on this server.