University of Southampton

Web and Internet Science Research Group


Welcome to the website of the Web and Internet Science (WAIS) group, an interdisciplinary team of people who have dedicated their efforts to better understand the origin, evolution and growth of the World Wide Web and the Internet. WAIS is one of the seven members of the Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) Academic Unit in the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering.

Recent Publications

Ell, Basil, Harth, Andreas and Simperl, Elena (2014) SPARQL query verbalization for explaining semantic search engine queries. In, Presutti, Valentina, d'Amato, Claudia, Gandon, Fabien, d'Aquin, Mathieu, Staab, Steffen and Tordai, Anna (eds.) The Semantic Web: Trends and Challenges. Cham, CH, Springer International Publishing, 426-441. (doi:10.1007/978-3-319-07443-6_29).

Bennett, Nicholas, Millard, David and Martin, David (2016) Narrative extraction through the detection and characterisation of national and local events. In, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Location Based Services. Vienna, AT, Vienna University of Technology, 196-200.

Smart, Paul R (2017) COGWEB—Cognition and the Web: Social Minds, Distributed Brains, and Talkative Technologies. 9th International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications (COGNITIVE 2017), Athens, Greece, 19 - 23 Feb 2017. 3pp.