University of Southampton

Web and Internet Science Research Group


Welcome to the website of the Web and Internet Science (WAIS) group, an interdisciplinary team of people who have dedicated their efforts to better understand the origin, evolution and growth of the World Wide Web and the Internet. WAIS is one of the seven members of the Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) Academic Unit in the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering.

Recent Publications

Huynh, Trung Dong, Michaelides, Danius T. and Moreau, Luc (2016) PROV-JSONLD: A JSON and Linked Data Representation for Provenance. In, Provenance and Annotation of Data and Processes. 6th International Provenance & Annotation Workshop (IPAW '16) , Springer International Publishing Switzerland. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 9672). (doi:10.1007/978-3-319-40593-3_15).

Thuermer, Gefion, Roth, Silke, Luczak-Roesch, Markus and O'Hara, Kieron (2016) Internet use, in- and exclusion in decision-making processes within political parties. In, ACM Web Science 2016, Hannover, DE, ACM New York, NY, USA10pp, 205-214. (doi:10.1145/2908131.2908149).

Michaelides, Danius, Parker, Richard, Charlton, Chris, Browne, William and Moreau, Luc (2016) Intermediate Notation for Provenance and Workflow Reproducibility. In, 6th International Provenance & Annotation Workshop (IPAW '16),